Thursday, April 25, 2024

European statistical fascism in support of Poland’s Law and Justice

Couple in front of Warsaw railway station during winter (Photo: iStock – IPGGutenbergUKLtd)

The trackers of fascism currently riding the post-election wave should deal urgently with those institutions that are throwing so-called statistics into the infosphere.

Rafał A. Ziemkiewicz

It’s not about our own domestic institutes. The heads of Poland’s Market and Social Surveys Institute (IBRiS) and Institute of Public Affairs Research (IBSP) have already been promised by politicians of the incoming liberal-leftist government coalition that they will “sit in jail” for their “symmetrist” practices.

But this will not have much impact until the fascist centers that have developed in broad daylight, at the core of the European Union itself, are neutralized. Yes! Right there!

Let’s take a look at the ideological subversion carried out against Poland’s new democratic authorities by the EU’s Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) with its survey on racism against Black people in the EU released on October 25.

The democratic media had just picked up on the presence of a scandalous anti-Semitic sign seen in a Poland still governed by Law and Justice (PiS). There was, of course, some kind of sweaty silence about the fact that the sign was in fact carried by a Norwegian female student, and this at a marginal far-left demonstration.

And then the aforementioned EU agency stabbed Poland’s democratic camp in the back, announcing that of all EU countries, Poland was the one where the lowest percentage of people of color have experienced racism over the last five years.

The FRA alleges that this figure is only 20 percent in Poland, when in Germany and Austria it is over three-quarters, and even in Sweden it’s one-quarter. It’s as if the authors of this bizarre ranking hadn’t watched Agnieszka Holland’s Green Border or other movies that make it clear that out of all people, Poles are racists of the worst kind.

And this EU survey is by no means an isolated incident.

When MP Izabela Leszczyna, a former secretary of state in the finance ministry, and her entire Civic Platform (PO) party warn Poles about the terrible “Morawiecki [financial] hole,” the budget disaster, and the ruin in which PiS is leaving the country, some stupid Eurostat organization is insisting that Polish finances are stable and that allegedly hidden debts are perfectly known to EU auditors and included in their calculation of the Polish deficit, which in any case remains very small compared to the rest of the EU.

And what about the “survey” which found that 33 percent of German men under the age of 35 approve of beating women, and 34 percent admit to doing so? How can such things be insinuated against the Germans, those bearers of a higher legal culture, who are held up as an example to Polish obscurantists?

Truly, Poland’s victorious democratic camp must put an end to this!



This opinion piece was first published in Polish in the Do Rzeczy weekly in October 2023