The EU’s money in exchange for sovereignty?

What exactly are the European policymakers counting on? That Poles will choose money and force the government to change the law or change the government to one that will accept everything. Tomasz Rowiński When reading the comments and interpretations that were written immediately after the EU summit in December 2020, today it is hard to […]

Let’s express our concern for the Dutch: our answer to the EU diktat

I would like the Polish Prime Minister to make Mr. Rutte tell us about how using attack dogs and beating citizens with the clubs relates to the rule of law, which he greatly cares for in the European Union Paweł Lisicki Representatives of the Polish authorities have repeatedly and justly criticized the conduct of the […]

How to end EU impunity

A loophole in the provisions of law needs to be shut and the criminal liability of EU officials introduced Paweł Szałamacha In most countries, politicians or officials may be held criminally liable for their crimes. In Poland, such crimes are bribery, peddling influence, and abuse of rights. Prosecution of such crimes is not easy, and […]

PiS and the EU – an unreciprocated love

Contrary to its boisterous rhetoric, PiS is the most pro-EU group that has ruled in Poland since 1989. This may be a paradox of Polish politics, but no other government has done so much for European integration. Jan Fiedorczuk “I have no doubts that for Jarosław Kaczyński leaving the European Union is part of his […]

German hypocrisy

Stephan Harbarth, head of the Federal Constitutional Court in Germany, was himself elected by politicians and is still carrying his party card. Meanwhile, he is complaining about… the politicization of courts in Poland Cezary Gmyz from Berlin Nein – snarled the president of the Federal Constitutional Court in Germany, Stephan Harbarth, at Die Welt journalist […]