No two brothers

At the same time, when the train with Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and Deputy Prime Minister Jarosław Kaczyński was headed to Kiev, a peace march was organized in Budapest by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. Nothing shows the extremely different positions of Poland and Hungary on the war in Ukraine better and more emphatically. Paweł Lisicki […]

MiG-29 fighters for Ukraine: A failed honesty exam

In a military sense, it seems that the operation has failed. But what does the whole story show? Paweł Lisicki The story of the transfer of 28 MiG fighter planes from Poland to Ukraine looked quite peculiar from the very beginning. Firstly, it is not known whether such a proposal was made at all, and […]

What price is Putin going to pay?

For now, Putin has found himself in a trap that he set upon himself. Paweł Lisicki After the first days, when it might seem that the Russians are implementing a well-thought-out and cunning plan by attacking Ukraine, one can more and more often feel chaos and the absence of ideas. Instead of precise strokes, it […]

War with truckers. Is Trudeau’s Canada still a democratic state?

The most peculiar lesson in the story of the Canadian Freedom Convoy – the tens of thousands of truck drivers who have been blocking Ottawa for weeks in protest of the authorities’ ridiculous sanitary policies – is that democratically elected politicians and liberal media may use deceptive rhetoric in the form familiar to us from […]

Key questions on the new alliance of Poland

Information about the formation of a tripartite alliance resulted in generally favorable comments from Polish journalists and politicians, this time not only on the right-wing side. Rightly so? Paweł Lisicki The media is reporting that Poland, Great Britain, and Ukraine have created a new alliance. This was confirmed by the head of Ukrainian diplomacy. As […]

Let’s express our concern for the Dutch: our answer to the EU diktat

I would like the Polish Prime Minister to make Mr. Rutte tell us about how using attack dogs and beating citizens with the clubs relates to the rule of law, which he greatly cares for in the European Union Paweł Lisicki Representatives of the Polish authorities have repeatedly and justly criticized the conduct of the […]

Between spam and hope. Revolutionaries vs Christianity

At the same time as Christians are faced with blasphemy again and again, a now famous EU draft regulation was released, demanding that the term “Christmas” be removed from language as part of the fight against discrimination. Paweł Lisicki Revolutionists were always irritated by Christmas. They rejected the belief that God descended into the world, […]

Anti-national resentment

The hatred for the motherland is shown most fully in sentiment towards those who are most culturally alien to it. Paweł Lisicki From a certain point of view, let’s say sociological, the reaction of Polish celebrities and, more broadly, a large part of the elite to the invasion of migrants sent by the thousands through […]

Lock all of them in a cell! What happened with the freedom of speech in Europe?

  Paweł Lisicki When I received a text message from Rafał A. Ziemkiewicz right before 3 o’clock in the afternoon last Saturday, I could not believe my eyes. The small screen clearly read “No they arresyedme”. I glanced at the message several time, but this was truly what he wrote. Earlier, we spoke about his […]