Saturday, May 25, 2024

The real threat of transhumanist ideology (podcast)

Portrait of Cyberpunk Trans human cyborg with advanced and futuristic technology 3d render 3d illustration (iStock, Brankospejs)


“Trans” carries the idea of some kind of transition and passage, but to what?

The powerful and influential advocates of transhumanism such as Davos Forum founder Klaus Schwab, Israeli author Yuval Noah Harari, financial speculator George Soros, and Microsoft’s Bill Gates are set on creating not only a new order of society through the Global Reset but a New Man. A new, better, more developed, “augmented” human being in a world without God – thanks to the use of current and emerging technologies.

Klaus Schwab himself has explained that in ten years, we will all have implants in our brains that will allow our feelings to be monitored in real time and make us live in an internal digital realm.

Transhumanism is a very radical form of scientism coupled with a cult of technology, explains Paweł Lisicki in this 10-minute podcast, stressing the danger of an ideology that will, if it succeeds, turn people into slaves.

Paweł Lisicki is a well-known Catholic conservative author and the editor-in-chief of the Polish Do Rzeczy weekly, which is one of Poland’s most influential weeklies. He specializes in religious and political topics.