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Animalization: the last stage of the disease of Western civilization

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“At the end, if we can even talk about an end here, when all orientations are made equal and when sex disappears, and when everyone is already a little binary and a little non-binary, humanity is also to vanish. The final stage will be the complete animalization of the human race.” This claim is made in a new book by Paweł Lisicki titled “The Empire of Sodom and Its Allies,” an excerpt from which is given below.

A YouTube video showing a police operation in Nashville had attracted over four million views after just a few hours. This comes as no surprise. Although officers warned that it contained graphic images, people wanted to see. No other crime had so shocked Americans for a very long time. The tragedy occurred, we may recall, at a private Christian school in the state of Tennessee. In late March, a former pupil of the school, 28-year-old Audrey Hale, entered the building and opened fire on defenseless children and staff. Hale was armed with two automatic rifles and a pistol.

Three nine-year-old pupils and three adult staff members lost their lives. The videos posted by the police, recorded by cameras mounted on officers’ uniforms and weapons, showed the intervention step by step, including its final outcome – a brief shootout that ended with the assailant’s death. However, it was not the tragedy itself that so stirred public opinion. There were additional circumstances that were more important. These mean that for the first time, it seems possible to advance the thesis that a link exists between aggression, even of a criminal kind, and LGBTQIA+ ideology. I have deliberately included all the letters of the acronym, because all of them together are important here. Indeed, the woman who was guilty of the massacre had rejected her biological sex, and for months had identified as a “man.”

Moreover, it soon transpired that this was not the only case of a transvestite using violence. The law of series is at work here: even if a single case can be regarded as the effect of a mental illness, a series of cases must have a due cause. As to what that cause might be, the most probable answer is the spread of genderism in the United States. Yes, the word “spread” fits perfectly here. The rate at which this ideology is taking over American institutions somewhat resembles a fire on the prairie. Or, if someone prefers to seek a different metaphor, a flu epidemic. The infection spreads from universities to banks, from banks and universities to the media and hospitals, and finally reaches and strikes the political class.

Nothing shows this as well as the behavior of President Joe Biden himself, who has made the promotion of this rainbow madness a main banner and trademark of the whole of his policy – and not only internal policy, let us note. There can be no illusion: what is being systematically introduced in the United States is supposed to envelop the whole world. The empire of Sodom has universal, worldwide ambitions and has no intention of stopping at ruling just one specific part of the Earth, even quite a large one. I am not exaggerating – this has been stated explicitly by one of the most important politicians in the Democratic administration, the spokesman for the National Security Council, John Kirby: “The struggle for the rights of LGBT people is a core part of our foreign policy and it will remain so.” And so no one should have any illusions: as long as America is ruled by people like Biden, the empire of Sodom will spread. Regardless of everything, even of further victims and suffering. Several days after the Nashville massacre, the White House officially announced a new special date in the calendar – Transgender Visibility Day.

Biden’s proclamation for this occasion underscored the importance of LGBT people in American society. He said that such people “shape our Nation’s soul.” It is easy to notice here a tone of almost mystical elation: what is at stake is no longer rights and privileges, but the “shape of the American soul.” Biden said: “Today, we show millions of transgender and nonbinary Americans that we see them, they belong, and they should be treated with dignity and respect. Their courage has given countless others strength, but no one should have to be brave just to be themselves. Every American deserves that freedom.” Freedom? What an Orwellian change in the meaning of words. Everyone creates and makes themselves who they want to be. But freedom without limits is not freedom, but slavery. It is disintegration, chaos, formlessness. Freedom flows from nature. If human nature does not exist – either biological or spiritual – then instead of a free person there remains only a slave. A person would be a formless mass of material, from which anyone could make whatever they pleased. Put precisely: out of that formless mass, skillful manipulators create their products. For those who do not wish to accept this magnificent vision of “soul,” the project of the empire of Sodom has no place. For this reason, America’s leader naturally attacked those who attempt to resist the tyranny of the rainbow. Some states wish to halt the genderism epidemic, and have passed laws to ban the mutilation of children’s sexual organs and the administration to them of sex-changing hormones. Biden’s response: “A wave of discriminatory State laws is targeting transgender youth, terrifying families and hurting kids who are not hurting anyone.” This is a complete denial of reality – what is heightening aggression and destroying the classical American way of life like a cancer is actually wokeism, the rainbow ideology. Hence more and more cases of violence.


Some Americans can see this. According to a commentator for the student organization Turning Point USA, Benny Johnson: “The Colorado Springs shooter identified as non-binary. The Denver shooter identified as trans. The Aberdeen shooter identified as trans. The Nashville shooter identified as trans. One thing is very clear: the modern trans movement is radicalizing activists into terrorists.” Is this an overstatement? I don’t think so. The accumulation of such events cannot be the work of chance. There is a causal link between trans activism and violence. Of course not every transgender person is dangerous, but the probability that such people are prone to aggression is high. The effect of genderism is to create people who are broken inside, torn, uncertain of themselves, lost, and frustrated. Under the pretense of seeking the real “me” they are robbed of their past, their feeling of strength, their character. Men and women are disappearing, and what is emerging is a non-binary “something”, an unspecific “we, they.”

As might be expected, this claim is rejected by the liberal and left-wing media. In their view, the source of violence is not illness and problems with gender identity, but an intolerant, hostile, narrow-minded and closed society. According to that theory, promoted by genderists, if acts of violence occur, then it is the community that is guilty. Firstly, people in America have too easy access to guns. Secondly, and this is supposedly the true source of the crisis, society oppresses all those who have trouble with their own identity. Those who carry a woman’s soul in a man’s body, or a man’s soul in a woman’s body as in the case described, or something else still. It is therefore no surprise that unhappy individuals, cast into a binary world imbued with masculinity and femininity, surrounded on all sides and crushed by traditional culture, language and symbols, must rebel – and this sometimes leads to tragedy. The conclusion: society has to be rebuilt so that no one feels restricted, bound, or oppressed.


The first and main obstacle on the path to complete revolution is Christianity. It seems that a similar interpretation of Hale’s behavior was given by the local police chief in Nashville. He said in an interview for NBC that the shooting may have occurred in relation to a “grudge” that the assailant felt due to having been made to attend that school in the past. Of course. To understand this, we have to spend a while entering the thought processes of Hale, as well as all the other radicals around her. First point: sex is liquid and undefined. Second point: the division into men and women is a result of social construction and pressure. Third point: injustice is particularly concentrated in Christian schools, where children are terrorized by being taught that God created man and woman. Fourth point: having found out that things are otherwise, Hale (and other similar radicals) want to take revenge for the freedom that was taken from them, for all those lost years when they were called what they were not and treated inappropriately to their inner feelings. Having awoken from a dream, come round after being submerged in womanhood, Hale decided to get back at the system – the terrible binary system that had imprisoned her for years. Suddenly it turns out that the problem was not her own inner turmoil, but the evil society that had constrained and oppressed her. Understandable? Yes. Sick and crazy? Absolutely. This is a classic example of projecting one’s own weaknesses onto others. Except that it is a form of reasoning that is characteristic of genderists. Put briefly, it involves making one’s own illness and perversion into norms and measures by which to judge the world. What ought to be a reason to receive treatment, namely disturbances of sexual identity, become something that is affirmed and accepted.


I was therefore not especially surprised by reports that, two months before the fatal shooting in Nashville, a video game had appeared in the same state showing a trans hero who killed critics of LGBT, including priests. The story was reported on the breitbart.com website. In the computer game one can take the role of a hero escaping from a “fascist concentration camp for trans people” who – on the way to freedom – has to kill critics of LGBT, including priests and pastors. The purpose of the game is to “unleash your pent-up fury upon the gender-critical tyrants” using an “arsenal of deadly weapons.” This is exactly what Hale did. She entered the school where she had been educated, which had imposed on her an “alien and fascist belief in binarity,” and dispensed justice. It is also worth noting the game’s title: “Terfenstein 3D.” It contains another word from LGBT jargon, namely “TERF.” What is this?

The term refers to “a radical feminist who believes that the sexual identity of a trans woman is not authentic and who has a hostile attitude to transgender and gender-diverse people.” What is this madness? – someone might ask. Like most ideological monstrosities of the gender movement, this term has long ceased to be just a symptom of madness. Let’s consider: “sexual identity of a trans woman” is a definition absurd in itself. There is only one way to avoid this conclusion: by denying the objective, biological and indisputable nature of sex.

The game’s description contains the words: “The game offers LGBTQAI+, transgender, and feminist themes of gender-critical people and what a post-war apocalyptic world would look like if gender fascists won. In this dystopian world, fascists have killed and imprisoned all transgender and queer people, subjecting them to harsh conversion therapy, imprisonment, and death. You play as an escapee fleeing their detention center, while you exact your revenge. This game brings to light the very real transphobic violence many transgender people face for just existing.” Please read this carefully and with understanding. I know that many Polish readers will be rubbing their eyes and thinking I am telling them to read descriptions of phantoms from the patients of a psychiatric hospital. But no: all this is serious. More: it is just this sick vision that is more and more often taking the place of normality.


It is clear that what we are dealing with here is another manifestation of the revolutionary idea that goes back to the late eighteenth century and was developed in the early nineteenth. Karl Marx was perhaps the first thinker to understand that in order to overturn the world – to push through a radical critique of everything in existence – you have to choose a suitably disadvantaged group that can be organized around the one most important feeling: hatred toward the existing order. In the mid-nineteenth century this role of carrier of hostility towards the world as it was could be played by the proletariat – the ideal tool with which to carry out great destruction. In the mid-twentieth century the same thought – that a revolution is best carried out by those who are excluded, disadvantaged and oppressed – occurred to homosexual activists. It was then that gays and lesbians began to take the place of workers as a potential tool to carry out the great revolution. From a certain point of view they were even better suited to the role than the old proletariat: a worker who had become rich no longer wished to rebel. A homosexual, if suitably politically enlightened, would become a rebel by nature. He carried revolution within himself. He was no longer the old homosexual of former times, suffering from unnatural desires. He was no longer a sinner longing for a cure. He was not, as had always been the case, an example of moral decay, a “pederast” who was tolerated although somewhat disrespected.

On the contrary, it was that very unnaturalness, the infertile perverse pure desire that was coded within him, that made him such a very valuable instrument of struggle in the eyes of the revolutionaries. A single homosexual was at most someone to sympathize with; but when it became possible to gather them into a community and instill them with an awareness of alienation and hostility, they became a handy tool of political struggle. From that time on – from the mid-1950s – homosexuality became a part of the revolution. Those who had formerly been humiliated became joyful gays.

Today, when the homosexual movement has practically conquered the West, the revolution needs new rebels. It is transvestites who are now appearing in that role. To destroy the old society, it is no longer enough to sing the praises of gays to all and sundry and to delight in sisterhood. That is still too little. You need to take one step more: not merely to destroy the idea of marriage and the value of fertility as the gays and lesbians have succeeded in doing, but to reach even further. The fabric of the world needs to be undermined even deeper (although this is only a temporary solution anyway). For at the end, if we can even talk about an end here, when all orientations are made equal and when sex disappears, and when everyone is already a little binary and a little non-binary, humanity is also to vanish. The final stage will be the complete animalization of the human race, its reduction to a state where people no longer differentiate anything, no longer judge anything, no longer set anything apart, because the power of assessment and judgment will have dissolved. A true person will be a person reduced to that in him which is primary, animal, to a pure and joyful state of desire and satisfaction, freed from all consciousness and rationality.

This is in a way a consistent realization of the conclusions that were reached years ago by Sigmund Freud and Karl Marx. The former showed – at least he believed he did – that a person is in essence a bundle of animal desires, some kind of subconscious, uncontrollable and undifferentiated sexual energy; while the latter drew attention to social mechanisms that could be used to destroy the world as it is. A beautiful combination that was realized in the 1930s by members of the Frankfurt School.

The above is an extract from the book Imperium Sodomy i jego sojusznicy (“The Empire of Sodom and Its Allies”) which was published in “Do Rzeczy” weekly magazine.