Friday, April 26, 2024

The U.S. and EU: a rainbow alliance

White House on June 26 2015, when “same sex marriages” where legalized by the US Supreme Court (Source: Ted Eytan / WIkimedia Commons / Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic)

When it comes to breaking down resistance and forcing recognition of the rainbow revolution, American ambassadors have been in the vanguard since Barack Obama’s second term, and they don’t let anyone get ahead of them

Paweł Lisicki

The ritual has not changed for years. Every year in mid-May, dozens of ambassadors in Warsaw procure a letter in which they claim that the rights of sexual minorities are allegedly discriminated against in Poland. The number of concerned diplomats is gradually increasing, although for now the ceiling is at 47 – that’s how many signed the declaration in defense of LGBT+ on May 17th, 2023. This year it was Norway that organized the signatures, last year it was the United States.

It is Americans, by the way, who for years have been the main promoters of similar actions not only in Poland, but also throughout what they consider an unenlightened and parochial part of Europe. “I am a proud ally of the LGBTQI+ community in the United States, Poland, and around the world,” US Ambassador to Poland Mark Brzezinski stated. Another U.S. diplomat, Christopher Hill, spoke similarly in Belgrade, when he succeeded (or, more accurately, Washington itself succeeded here) in breaking Serbian resistance – the Interior Minister’s ban and the President’s objections – and leading an equality march in Belgrade. Indeed, when it comes to breaking down resistance and forcing recognition of the rainbow revolution, American ambassadors have been in the vanguard since Barack Obama’s second term, and they don’t let anyone get ahead of them – this was perfectly demonstrated by Greg Delawie, the diplomat thanks to whom the 2017 rainbow equality march took place in the first Muslim country, Kosovo.

In explaining his involvement, the ambassador to Warsaw cites the Declaration of Human Rights: “All human beings are born free and equal in their dignity and in their rights.” It really takes a lot of nerve (or perhaps a sense of peculiar humor) to derive from the fact of equality of rights enjoyed by all people an obligation to recognize perversion and degeneration as the norm. The Declaration of Human Rights does not speak either about the so-called right to same-sex marriage, nor does it mention the right to construct one’s own gender identity or to order children from surrogates. In fact, I’m willing to bet the ambassador that if its authors in the 1940s had known how the provisions they prepared would be used by LGBT+ activists, they would have felt horror and dismay.

Letters are just letters, rallies are just rallies, but one would be deluded to think that the intensification of the elites of progressive humanity ends there. Oh no, gestures are definitely not enough. Declarations and signatures are merely an instrument – gracefully called “shaming” – to lead the Polish authorities to change their position. Poland is to be branded, humiliated, and stigmatized in the eyes of the world. This is also the purpose of various surveys and polls, which are supposed to show how far Poles are from being “on the good side of history,” as Ambassador Brzezinski’s predecessor, Georgette Mosbacher, with her usual charm, once called on the Polish people to be.

Or to put it another way: letters, studies, and declarations are soft means of persuasion. If they don’t work, more direct ones can be used. The simplest and most effective is blackmail, which is a method that Eurocrats use skillfully. Interestingly, they don’t even hide with it. No, without any restraint, they are able to boast publicly that they will take away their due resources from those who do not want to follow the rhythm of progress. Here’s a perfect example: on the same day that the ambassadors’ letter appeared in Warsaw, the “vice-chairman of the European Parliament’s LGBTI+ intergroup Pierre Karleskind” (as you can see, even here the ideological jargon is already getting in) announced that “LGBT+ free zones” would not get money from the EU. This is called true Bolshevik honesty: “The European Commission confirms to me in a letter that it has fulfilled its threats: no EU money without respect for values.” It’s no wonder that Gazeta Wyborcza, which is merely a media tool for promoting gender ideology in this matter, can triumph and describe the retreat of Polish local government officials in various regions of Poland. Left to their own devices, without the support of the government, with rainbow officers from Brussels on their backs on the one hand, and media cells on the ground on the other, they are gradually backing away from recently adopted resolutions.

What we have here is a direct and lasting alliance between the US and the EU. Contrary to the tales of those Polish experts who contrast the “evil, rainbow” Union and the “good” US, Washington and Brussels go hand in hand, as far as rainbow despotism is concerned. This makes it all the more important to appreciate the conduct of those Union countries that do not succumb to the pressure and whose ambassadors in the Washington-Brussels rainbow crib do not participate in. They are reminiscent of those people who, years ago, were able to bravely resist pressure to participate in the Victory Day communist parades in May.

This article was published in May 2023 in “Do Rzeczy” weekly.