Truth is not relative. Why is the left refusing to acknowledge this?

An interview with prof. Wojciech Roszkowski, historian, Knight of the Order of the White Eagle, author of the textbook “History and the Present”. Krzysztof Masłoń: “The concepts of nobility, loyalty, bravery and other qualities of the spirit have disappeared from the language of political debate”, you conclude in your textbook “History and the Present”, a […]

Mr. Juliusz. Why do they insist on associating the poet with the LGBT movement?

Waldemar Łysiak’s response to those who are attributing homosexuality to Juliusz Słowacki Sławomir Gralka On behalf of the Government of the Republic of Poland, I recommend that gentlemen take Juliusz Słowacki’s coffin to the royal crypt, because he was equal to kings, ‘ordered the moved Commander Józef Piłsudski in the cloisters of Wawel on June […]

Gender and the Vatican. Why is the Church so weak in responding to this threat?

“The idea of dialogue with these people and organizations sounds very good, but it is not the right path for the Church. There is a war going on! If your enemy wants to kill your civilization, then you need to start planning your defenses” – says dr. Gerard van den Aardweg, Catholic psychologist and LGBT […]

How Catholics Can Win Against Heresy in Germany

In less than a month, hierarchs from several countries publicly reprimanded the German Bishops’ Conference for the heresy of the Synodal Way. A peculiar offensive of orthodoxy was initiated by Archbishop Stanisław Gądecki. Such actions need better preparations. Paweł Chmielewski For those who are not familiar, the Synodal Way of the Church in Germany can […]

The transgender revolution and its victims

An interview with Ryan T. Anderson, the author of “When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment”.   PIOTR WŁOCZYK: It seems from your book that the transgender movement has „kidnapped” a large portion of medical professionals in the US. How did it happen that so many doctors agree to irrevocably alter/mutilate bodies of […]