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I had “sex reassignment” surgery. This is why my life turned into a nightmare

For the first few years following surgery, people are usually euphoric and think it is wonderful. It was like that in my case. The new body, the “new me”. But a man will always be a man and a woman will always be a woman. It’s impossible to go from one gender to the other – says Walt Heyer, a former transsexual who helps people suffering from sexual perception disorders today.

The World Health Organization (WHO) removed transgenderism from the list of mental disorders. What are the consequences of this?

This is a politically motivated decision that has nothing to do with scientific research. Reassuring everyone that the idea of wanting to “change your sex” is not a mental disorder, but something perfectly normal that affects a certain part of society, gives people permission to be harmed. People who should be given direct help to overcome the disorders that make them feel bad about their own skin, instead of hormones and having their genitals removed. I’ve been through this myself, so I know what I’m talking about.

You lived as Laura Jensen for eight years. What was this experience like for you?

At the age of 42, I underwent “sex reassignment” surgery and I irreversibly mutilated my body. However, despite this, I still didn’t feel comfortable with myself. The problems worsened, I felt worse and worse. In 1990, I decided to “go back” to my own gender. Of course, this was not fully possible…

My problems with gender identification disappeared when, thanks to the help of excellent professionals, I overcame a number of mental disorders. This is crucial – you have to understand that the problem is with the human psyche, not with biology. If we now convince struggling individuals that this is all perfectly normal, that all it takes is the injection of hormones, the work of a scalpel and everything will be fine, then we are doing them all terrible harm. Unfortunately, the WHO bowed to the pressure of the LGBT community.

Suggesting that the desire to “change sex” is related to mental disorders usually ends the discussion with representatives of the LGBT community. According to them, it is a stigmatization of people whose nature has locked themselves in the wrong bodies. Accordingly, they should be allowed to modify their own body.

It all sounds good, except that I too often meet broken people who suddenly discover that they have never really been trapped in a “wrong body””, never needed mutilating surgery, but suffered from e.g. schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or depression, which in their case, also caused problems with perceiving their own gender identity. Such disorders can make a person lose their bearings, begin to have doubts, and when LGBT activists show up with their slogans, they often start to believe that “gender reassignment” is what they need most.

People in the medical community who propagate the LGBT ideology do not want to cure the real causes of gender identity problems, but immediately diagnose it as gender dysphoria, recommending hormones and encourage “sex reassignment” surgery as the solution.

Is there no way that such an operation can permanently make a person feel happy and good about themself? After all, there are many stories of transsexuals who emphasize that the operation was a great choice.

For the first few years following surgery, people are usually euphoric and think it is wonderful. It was like that in my case. The new body, the “new me” – one can be under the illusion that the problems of the past are forgotten. But a man will always be a man and a woman will always be a woman. It’s impossible to go from one gender to the other. It’s just impossible, and anyone who says otherwise is living in a dangerous illusion.

After some time, the unhealed mental problems make themselves felt. In 2004, when it was still allowed to doubt these matters, the British daily Guardian published a report which made it clear that “sex reassignment” operations did not improve the condition of transgender people. The study was conducted by scientists from the University of Birimingham. Surgery and hormones will never cure such people of, for example, schizophrenia. Ignoring these disorders and making the affected individuals believe that “sex change” was the real cure leaves them isolated. Eventually, some of them want to end their lives. Research from Sweden shows that transsexual people try to commit suicide 19 times more often than is generally the case in society.

However, I’m sure you know perfectly well that the data showing such a high percentage of suicide attempts among people after surgery are strongly criticized by the LGBT community. Firstly, because the numbers are supposedly overstated, and secondly – those who undergo such operations are particularly exposed to pressure from society afterwards.

Where are they not allowed to live? In Sweden? In Western countries, there is currently no more privileged social group than LGBT people. These people are treated almost like royalty. I have lived as a transgender for eight years so I know what I am talking about.

There are even more suicides at the end of this road. People with mental disorders who think they are locked up in the wrong sex have nowhere to go for real help, because they are told that it is not a mental disorder, that a “sex change” is a normal medical procedure. I try to help such people, for free of course. Victims of sex-reassignment surgery who think about suicide often write to me. LGBT ideologues are a group of great manipulators, and the WHO is bending down to them. Of course, we also have the big funds of George Soros, who finances all this leftist social revolution and drives the trend to treat all this as a natural phenomenon.

What do you wish to achieve with your activities?

I want to give people hope to get their lives back. I am providing them with mental support, showing them that they are not alone in all this, and that they are not the only ones deceived by the malicious LGBT ideology. I encourage them to seek help from good specialists who will help them regain their mental health. And then all gender identification problems suddenly disappear… Of course, it is best if the healing comes before the mutilating operation, not after. In my latest book, “Trans Life Survivors”, I wrote about the stories of people who went through it all and overcame their problems. You can really get out of this, you just have to stop listening to LGBT activists.

We should also mention one cause of transgenderism that LGBT activists do not like to talk about. It often concerns people who were sexually abused as children.

Such as yourself…

Yes. Some of these people want to come out of their gender later. They want to get rid of their own genitals, which they feel were to blame for these terrible things happening. On the other hand, some women who have been abused in childhood subconsciously want male organs instead of female ones in order to protect themselves from rape. To convince such people that “changing sex” is only a summons of nature is mutilating them again. It’s simply a crime.

We hear more and more often about teenage children who want to “change their sex” so much that they go to court against their parents, and the parents agree to hormone treatment, administering agents that stop the puberty period and finally allow their child to be mutilated…

This madness is growing because, unfortunately, it is starting to be a trend. In the most “progressive” circles of our society, when parents tell their friends that their child is most likely transgender, it is – which is mind boggling – considered a sign of wisdom. “They are the wise, open-minded parents who have noticed that their son is in fact a girl and allow their child to move towards freedom.” If you spank your child, the police will be called to your home and you may be arrested. But if you allow your own child to be mutilated, you are considered – thankfully not everywhere – a wonderful and tolerant parent.

Walt Heyer is a former transgender (he underwent male-to-female “gender reassignment” surgery and then reverted to his male form) who helps people with gender identity disorders. He is the author of the book “Trans Life Survivors”, which tells the stories of people who needlessly mutilated their bodies due to LGBT ideology. He runs the website

The interview was published in the Polish weekly „Do Rzeczy”.