Saturday, May 25, 2024

War with truckers. Is Trudeau’s Canada still a democratic state?

The most peculiar lesson in the story of the Canadian Freedom Convoy – the tens of thousands of truck drivers who have been blocking Ottawa for weeks in protest of the authorities’ ridiculous sanitary policies – is that democratically elected politicians and liberal media may use deceptive rhetoric in the form familiar to us from the Polish People’s Republic.

Paweł Lisicki

When I listened to statements or representatives of the Canadian government, I could not shake off the feeling of déjà vu. I had the same impression when I watched the behavior of the grand media. I vaguely recalled communist propaganda messages from the workers’ strikes and protests of the 1980s. Communists had three ways of dealing with resistance. Firstly, to pretend to not notice them, secondly, when the social protest was so large that it could not be ignored, to diminish its strength in numbers, and thirdly, which was the highest degree approaching anger, preparing for forceful solutions – disavowing, slandering, and throwing mud. Thus, the first phase is silence, the second marginalization, and the third demonization. It was then that stories about anti-socialist, hostile, anti-social elements that exploit people in the fight against the righteous, enlightened, and socialist power appeared.

It turns out that in relation to the anti-sanitary protests, the so-called liberal media – “independent, free, democratic”, as they ought to be called, behave exactly like communist media subjected to party oversight. This is no exaggeration, please take a look for yourself.

Phase one – silence. Despite the fact that Canada experienced the biggest social protest in the history of this country – tens of thousands of trucks, cars, and tractors have been blocking the capital of the country for two weeks – initially it was impossible to find out about the story from the big media. What should theoretically be the lead story went unnoticed. The tens of thousands of Canadians occupying the parliament in Ottawa in the bitter cold did not deserve any attention whatsoever!

Phase two – diminishing. When it turned out that it was not a temporary protest and its scale exceeded what the world had seen so far, the media began to precipitate some information quietly. Based on the reports, it turned out that the protest concerned a group of extremists, a small number drivers operating without any support from the public, a meaningless minority.

Phase three – demonization. Once it had turned out that there is in fact a protest and it is significant, its leaders must be humiliated and a wave of hate from the public must be directed against them. In this grateful role, in one of those former defenders of the general, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was happy enough to take on this privileged role, one that used to be occupied by secretary generals of the communist party. “It’s a story about a country that survived the pandemic because it was united, and the handful who shout and wave swastikas don’t define who we are as Canadians”. “Canadians are shocked and disgusted by the behavior of the protesters”. “We will not surrender to those waving racist flags, we will not bow to vandals who insult the memory of our veterans”. Thus, the protesters turned out to be fascists, racists, vandals – classic insults from a communist agitator’s textbook.

In the communist system, the third phase sometimes prepared the people to use violence against the protesters. Rightly so. Since it was forbidden to protest against the only proper and scientifically indisputable policy of the communist party, and the one who resisted had to be ignorant, unaware, or an agent of foreign powers (in communist times, usually a spy for the West), the authorities had no other option but to use force. The unruly ones had to be put in order, the traitors had to be severely punished. This is exactly what the Canadian police are doing, which, upon request, announced that ”here are reports of vandalism, racist and homophobic attacks and Nazi symbols”.

Depending on the scale of the resistance, the authorities sometimes used force and sometimes yielded. Even in the latter case, it did not admit its weakness. The communist authorities changed their minds because they wanted to, not because someone forced them. So it’s funny that when the Alberta prime minister announced the abolition of covid passports a few days ago, he immediately added that it had nothing to do with “a protest by several truckers”.

I don’t know how this protest will end. But I want to stress again that the most important moral of this story is quite clear. Left-liberal politicians and the mainstream media supporting them behave as if they functioned in a communist system. The only thing that puzzles me is who is responsible for this. In the case of the communists, the matter was clear: newspapers and television broadcasted what was demanded by the leader, the communist party. I am not sure who is giving the orders today and who makes journalists always be “in line” in their articles about vaccines.

This article was published in February 2022 in “Do Rzeczy” magazine.