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Fallen Britain. “The end of an era” came long before the Queen’s death


For the majority of residents of the British Isles, the reign of Elizabeth II has lasted forever, and likewise for residents of other countries too – it is thus understandable that in a few hours perhaps the most repeated phrase in the media was “the end of an era”.

Rafał A. Ziemkiewicz

However, the era that everyone has in mind, that is, the era of a Britain that deserves its good name and international respect, the Britain that the father of our independence, Roman Dmowski, admired and set as a model for Poland, has long passed. The Queen had outlived her kingdom, and thanks to her, many Britons could pretend to themselves that they were still living in the land of their childhood. Her death is now just a symbol of what has gone unnoticed in the country over the past few years, under politicians calling themselves “conservative”, but in fact completely leaderless, cynical, and focused on maintaining support at the polls.

The afterimage of Britain we have under our eyelids is a fair democratic state, respectful of civil rights and liberties, prosperous, and relevant in international politics. None of this is true anymore. Yes, vestiges of its former glory remain – the world’s best universities in “Oxbridge” (nowadays filled with mainly the aspiring children of the lower classes, immigrants, and foreigners, because the youngest generation of the British upper class proves statistically too incompetent to pass the entrance exams), a professional but under-armed military, a couple of analytical centers, etc.

In addition, today it is a country completely terrorized by the extreme left. A country where Terry Gilliam was thrown out of a London theater, feminist Jennifer Swayne – who stood in the street with a banner against transferring convicted thugs and rapists to women’s prisons once they declared they felt “trans” – was arrested and convicted, J. K. Rowling has “evaporated” in an Orwellian manner from her own work for a few obvious remarks about the differences between a man and a woman, Professor Kathleen Stock, for the same reason, has to hide from leftist terrorists threatening to set fire to her house and kill her, and the Israeli ambassador was only saved from lynching at the hands of leftist and jihadist students at the renowned London School of Economic and Social Science by the efficient intervention of her security detail.

I intentionally provided only these examples, because if people representing the traditional left and Jews are terrorized in such a way, one can imagine what the real – not “Johnsonian” – conservatives are facing in the isles today. They are facing the same hell as those in the days of my youth in Poland who did not accept socialism: forced to keep their views to themselves and their loved ones, they are careful not to be publicly exposed publicly as enemies of the state. At best, they may sometimes find the courage to publish something anonymous online, under a closely guarded “nickname”.

In a civilized country, as the United Kingdom still pretends to be, if extremists – no matter under what label – were to call the police and tell them they don’t like a particular gathering, concert, etc., and go there to perform some act of aggression, the police, in the name of freedom of speech and assembly, would assign additional security to protect the event. In England, on the other hand, the police responds by calling the organizers and tell them to cancel the event because they will get in trouble at work and so will their children at school. The owner of the event space is visited by sad men who threaten and blackmail him that if he doesn’t cancel the event immediately, he will have unspecified problems, with his license, taxes, or whatever else. I fell victim to such intimidation myself, along with other Polish journalists and writers invited by our compatriots in Britain, but even Eric Zemmour, when the intimidated owners removed all available rooms from his access on the eve of his planned meeting in London.

More recently, after a years-long legal campaign by the Free Speech Union, the British police had to admit that for years they have been keeping in secret, a completely illegal register (“Non-criminal Hate Incidents”) in which police registered various people on the basis of unverified denunciations and without informing them of this fact. The case came to light thanks to the persistence of a man who could not find a job for several years – as it turned out, this came as a result of him being put on this register. The reason – he liked a politically incorrect post on Twitter. After all, these are all Soviet, Putinist standards, not democratic ones! No wonder the Russians feel at home in Britain – including those in the Federal Security Service.

Incidentally, Poles are the most frequent victims of this intimidation, for several reasons. First – hatred towards us is the only politically correct form of xenophobia in the UK today, accepted by elites who despise the traditional values still alive in our country and finding understanding in the poorer British society (you will hear from almost every Englishman that Poles “are stealing welfare benefits”, while the data proves that of all the ethnic groups in the islands, we are the largest benefactors of payments to the British common purse in comparison to the “benefits” we collect from it). Second, among those Poles who have found themselves in the UK, there is a disproportionate number of Polish leftists, frustrated by the rejection they suffered in their “dark, Catholic, nationalist” homeland and expressing hatred towards it (they like to call themselves “non-patriots”), who denounce their compatriots with similar fervor, with which their ancestors ran to the Gestapo and the UB when their neighbor helped a Jew or a partisan. Third, the authorities are delighted to pick up every such denunciation, because not only does it fit in with their prejudices, after all, the police need evidence of success, and it would be politically incorrect and dangerous to seek them against real threats. Fighting imaginary “Polish right-wing extremism”, on the other hand, would be just the opposite. Prior to 2018, I was in the UK many times, had dozens of meetings with readers there, there were a lot of Polish events, concerts, book fairs…All this was destroyed by the environment described above, only the London POSK (Polish Social and Cultural Association) survived, but its activities are now limited to official events and concerts of Chopin or jazz.

Another thing is that all this escapes the attention of the Polish government, and if you try to draw the attention of politicians to the obvious mischief against Poles (for example, the demonstrative visit and honor of Ludmyla Kozlovskaya after the Polish services put her on the SIS register) they respond with “this is our important ally, we can’t ruin our diplomatic relations”. I don’’ understand these dreams of some kind of alliance with the UK. I am not saying there potential, but its policy is only byproduct of US policy. It is with America that we need an alliance, not with its satellite – you have to go to the head, not the tail, as the old proverb teaches.

Britain’s bullying of the Poles is just one of many examples of the state of the Windsor hierarchy. Those who are more curious should read the websites of such organizations as the referenced Free Speech Union, look at the statistics of violence on the streets, in schools, teenage abortions, addictions…Even if the new Prime Minister Lis Truss, who was anointed by Elizabeth II just before she passed, has a sincere intention to reverse her country’s decline, rather than just spend a few years in office, and even if she knows how to do it, she is, after all, Britain’s weakest political leader in history, elected with barely fifty-odd percent of her own party’s vote.

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