Papal pacifism: Moscow’s shadow over the Vatican (Part 2)

Who exactly is Pope Francis in favor of in this war? Tomasz Rowiński (…) No mention of liability As Russia invaded Ukraine, the Vatican Secretary of State issued a statement on February 25th. “There is still time for good will, there is still space for negotiation, there is still room to exercise a wisdom that […]

Papal pacifism: Moscow’s shadow over the Vatican (Part 1)

The war in Ukraine – or more precisely, the Russian invasion of this country – brought many surprises. Tomasz Rowiński The Russian invasion of Ukraine came as a surprise. Many were also surprised by how Ukraine started to defend itself, as US intelligence predicted that Kyiv would fall within 96 hours at the most. To […]

The EU’s money in exchange for sovereignty?

What exactly are the European policymakers counting on? That Poles will choose money and force the government to change the law or change the government to one that will accept everything. Tomasz Rowiński When reading the comments and interpretations that were written immediately after the EU summit in December 2020, today it is hard to […]

Withering of the Church in Poland

Following the very poor data on the effects of recruitment to seminaries, which was published in autumn, we received a report on the personal status in the consecrated life. Can we say that the years 2021 and 2022 will be a thump inside Polish Catholicism in the same manner that the year 1965 was in […]

Waiting for a reflection. Manipulations and false accusations against Poland (Part 2)

It is probably a sort of naivety, but I am constantly amazed at the level of aggression directed against the Polish state in matters relating to the commemoration of Nazi victims. This aggression manifests itself primarily in the excessively frequent repetition of false information, which becomes the basis for critical actions, often later subjected to […]