Papal pacifism: Moscow’s shadow over the Vatican (Part 2)

Who exactly is Pope Francis in favor of in this war? Tomasz Rowiński (…) No mention of liability As Russia invaded Ukraine, the Vatican Secretary of State issued a statement on February 25th. “There is still time for good will, there is still space for negotiation, there is still room to exercise a wisdom that […]

Papal pacifism: Moscow’s shadow over the Vatican (Part 1)

The war in Ukraine – or more precisely, the Russian invasion of this country – brought many surprises. Tomasz Rowiński The Russian invasion of Ukraine came as a surprise. Many were also surprised by how Ukraine started to defend itself, as US intelligence predicted that Kyiv would fall within 96 hours at the most. To […]

A godliness frowned upon. Exacerbation of the course on the pre-conciliar liturgy (Part 1)

Rome waged war on traditional liturgy. Will bishops in Poland follow? Paweł Chmielewski The Vatican is waging an increasingly fierce fight against the pre-conciliar liturgy. The motu proprio “Traditionis custodes” was only the Holy See’s first blow against traditional piety. Just before Christmas, Rome struck another blow. There is no doubt that the Pope, together […]