Murderers’ lie. How the Soviets tried to cover up the Katyn Massacre

The Soviets tried to pin the blame for their crime on the Germans. Witnesses were tracked and killed – interview with Professor Nikolay Ivanov, researcher of Soviet crimes. PIOTR WŁOCZYK: Who can be named the main architect of “the Katyń Lie”? PROFESSOR NIKOLAY IVANOV: The same man who was responsible for carrying out that crime, […]

“This is war. Western leaders are disappointing on all fronts yet again”

Jacek Przybylski is speaking with Ákos Engelmayer, the laureate of the Guardian of Values award, a Hungarian journalist, historian, lecturer, and diplomat living in Poland As a veteran of the Hungarian uprising and the Solidarity uprising in the 1980s, you have already received many decorations and orders, including the Order of Polonia Restituta and the […]

Himmler’s willing executioners. This was the beginning of nightmare in occupied Poland

Poles were murdered by Selbstschutz members, German citizens of pre-war Poland   PIOTR WŁOCZYK: The reason given for creation of Selbstschutz, a vicious paramilitary organization of Polish citizens of German origin, was self-defence against the Poles. How much of self-defence was there in its operations? JOCHEN BÖHLER: In the first days of German attachment of […]

A hybrid attack on Poland. How Putin is rebuilding the Soviet empire

An interview by Karol Glac with general of the Polish Army Roman Polko, commander and former general of the elite GROM unit KAROL GAC: Mr. General, what is your assessment of the situation on the Polish-Belarussian border? GEN. ROMAN POLKO: A war is what’s really going on. One can call it a hybrid one, using […]

The transgender revolution and its victims

An interview with Ryan T. Anderson, the author of “When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment”.   PIOTR WŁOCZYK: It seems from your book that the transgender movement has „kidnapped” a large portion of medical professionals in the US. How did it happen that so many doctors agree to irrevocably alter/mutilate bodies of […]

The devilish plan of Germany. Poles were to be reduced to the role of slaves


“German Nazis executed the same plan in Poland, which was implemented earlier by the Bolsheviks in their own homeland. The destruction of the „head” of the nation opens the path for doing virtually anything with the rest of society” – says Professor Bogdan Musiał. PIOTR WŁOCZYK: Initially, Hitler was not entirely sure about what he […]