Why do we need a sovereign state? In its absence, disaster awaits

An interview with Professor Zdzislaw Krasnodębski, sociologist, Law and Justice member of the European Parliament. RYSZARD GROMADZKI: Your statement to the Republika TV network, in which you indicated that the West and the European Union are a greater threat to Polish identity than Russia, provoked hysterical reactions from the opposition and the pro-opposition media. One […]

Berlin’s War: Extinguishing Poland’s resistance became an obsession for the Eurocrats

“Whoever destabilizes the unity of the European Union in the face of Putin’s aggression against Ukraine, acts on behalf of the aggressor” – this is probably the biggest and simultaneously most frequently repeated propaganda nonsense in the discourse of the “pro-European” liberal left Rafał A. Ziemkiewicz Let us imagine that already prior to the commencement […]

Hegemon and the puppets: Germany cannot decide the fate of Europe alone

An interview with Professor Zdzisław Krasnodębski, sociologist, MEP of Law and Justice RYSZARD GROMADZKI: Is the war in Ukraine and the sum of crises related to it, especially in terms of energy, a good time to finalize the EU superstate under the auspices of Germany? ZDZISŁAW KRASNODĘBSKI: The question is complex, because those who promote […]