Why do we need a sovereign state? In its absence, disaster awaits

An interview with Professor Zdzislaw Krasnodębski, sociologist, Law and Justice member of the European Parliament. RYSZARD GROMADZKI: Your statement to the Republika TV network, in which you indicated that the West and the European Union are a greater threat to Polish identity than Russia, provoked hysterical reactions from the opposition and the pro-opposition media. One […]

Halting the Green Transformation: A Step Backward in Carbon (Part 2)

The outbreak of the war in Ukraine allowed many countries to find a convenient justification for the long-term increasing use of fossil fuels Jakub Wozinski (…) Where is the decarbonization? The energy crisis related to an irresponsible implementation of green transformation is a really big threat. It is estimated that in the case of small […]

Hegemon and the puppets: Germany cannot decide the fate of Europe alone

An interview with Professor Zdzisław Krasnodębski, sociologist, MEP of Law and Justice RYSZARD GROMADZKI: Is the war in Ukraine and the sum of crises related to it, especially in terms of energy, a good time to finalize the EU superstate under the auspices of Germany? ZDZISŁAW KRASNODĘBSKI: The question is complex, because those who promote […]

The Autumn of the Patriarch: why did Tusk return?

Why is Donald Tusk obsessed with the opposition’s joint electoral list? To understand this, we must ask ourselves another question: Why did he return to Polish politics? Piotr Gociek Let us answer then: he returned to Poland because he had no other choice. If there was only a chance, a shadow of a chance, that […]

Let’s express our concern for the Dutch: our answer to the EU diktat

I would like the Polish Prime Minister to make Mr. Rutte tell us about how using attack dogs and beating citizens with the clubs relates to the rule of law, which he greatly cares for in the European Union Paweł Lisicki Representatives of the Polish authorities have repeatedly and justly criticized the conduct of the […]

How to end EU impunity

A loophole in the provisions of law needs to be shut and the criminal liability of EU officials introduced Paweł Szałamacha In most countries, politicians or officials may be held criminally liable for their crimes. In Poland, such crimes are bribery, peddling influence, and abuse of rights. Prosecution of such crimes is not easy, and […]