Genocide Prevention by One Polish Condottiere

Gan Ganowicz’s dream of falling in battle against the Communists was never fulfilled. But he did prevent genocide in at least two places. Marek Jan Chodakiewicz Genocide prevention is about neutralizing regimes and groups fostering mass murder through their ideologies and actions. In the West, most conceptualize genocide prevention in terms of education, lobbying, and […]

Only few survived the Katyn Massacre

  Only three percent of prisoners from Kozielsk, Starobielsk and Ostaszków avoided execution. Tomasz Stańczyk On 30 April 1940, a transport of officers from Kozielsk camp reached a railway station in Gniezdowo. A NKVD colonel called Stanisław Swianiewicz away and separated him from the rest. Swianiewicz was the only survivor among those transported on that […]

From Relativism to Absolutism. How the Left has Wholeheartedly Embraced an Absolutist Rhetoric

In recent years the American Left has abandoned its trademark relativism and re-embraced absolutism. It is a poisonous, if unconscious, fusion between the historical Puritanism of the Pilgrims and the nihilism of Friedrich Nietzsche. Marek Jan Chodakiewicz According to my former colleague at Patrick Henry College, political scientist Mark T. Mitchell, Power and Purity: The […]

2022: Will Russia Attack Ukraine?

It is unlikely that there will be a full-blown Russian attack against Ukraine in the coming year. This does not mean, however, that the tensions will not escalate on a smaller scale. Belarus included. Maciej Pieczyński For many months now, the eyes of the world – or at least European and American – public opinion […]

The Clash of Civilizations: A Child’s Perspective

This is an important memoir, maybe even a welcome harbinger in the much neglected area of Soviet/Russian studies. Marek Jan Chodakiewicz I have read many memoirs from the Second World War and its aftermath, including a large number Polish recollections from the Gulag. Most are primary sources accessible only to a few scholars who have […]

About Lem

Piotr Gociek In the official Year of Stanisław Lem1 (centennial anniversary of his birth), the newest issue of the quarterly “New Inscription” (Nowy Zapis) brings a block devoted to the writer, who still remains one of the most valuable goods that was ever exported from Polish culture. The block touches on a range of topics: […]

German hypocrisy

Stephan Harbarth, head of the Federal Constitutional Court in Germany, was himself elected by politicians and is still carrying his party card. Meanwhile, he is complaining about… the politicization of courts in Poland Cezary Gmyz from Berlin Nein – snarled the president of the Federal Constitutional Court in Germany, Stephan Harbarth, at Die Welt journalist […]

Between spam and hope. Revolutionaries vs Christianity

At the same time as Christians are faced with blasphemy again and again, a now famous EU draft regulation was released, demanding that the term “Christmas” be removed from language as part of the fight against discrimination. Paweł Lisicki Revolutionists were always irritated by Christmas. They rejected the belief that God descended into the world, […]