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Let’s express our concern for the Dutch: our answer to the EU diktat

Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte and Joe Biden. Rome. October 2021

I would like the Polish Prime Minister to make Mr. Rutte tell us about how using attack dogs and beating citizens with the clubs relates to the rule of law, which he greatly cares for in the European Union

Paweł Lisicki

Representatives of the Polish authorities have repeatedly and justly criticized the conduct of the European Union. Recently, Jarosław Kaczyński, president of the Law and Justice party (PiS), spoke on this subject: “Exactly – the treaties in the EU ceased to apply, and the CJEU became the new legislator”. Kaczyński added that, “blocking payments for Poland from the National Recovery Plan is completely unlawful. There are no, I repeat: no substantive or legal grounds. It is an illegal act that breaks the rule of law and common decency”. But so what, if the Polish government has not yet found a way to effectively oppose these “illegal actions”?

Moreover, a question must be put forward as to how these assessments of the PiS chairman, who rightly notices the danger of “building a federal EU under the leadership of Berlin”, relate to the declaration of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki of May 2021, who argued in the Polish Parliament that the funds that Poland is to get from the Union constitute “The Second Marshall Plan”? It’s easy to see that there is something wrong. Either we are facing a threat and an unlawful attempt at federalization, or we should be glad that thanks to Brussels, a historical breakthrough in civilization is taking place in Poland and everyone will be living in prosperity. In other words: either Brussels poses a danger to our sovereignty, or it is a benevolent, generous, and kind uncle to us. The rulers have to decide on something.

Otherwise, it’s hard to understand what’s going on. This boldly announced “Marshall Plan” has not been delivered to Poland so far; on the contrary, the European Commission is still evaluating the Polish National Reconstruction Plan. It is “illegal and dishonest”, and rightly so. But why did the Polish government not take this scenario into account earlier? I would like to know if the Polish Prime Minister was cheated in November 2019. Was he given a promise that was not kept? Or did he show naivety and failed to protect himself in the event that the European Union undertook “unfair actions”? Why, at a time when Brussels sought Polish support for the EU Reconstruction Fund – let me remind you of the famous Hamiltonian moment in the construction of the EU federal state – Poland did not take advantage of the situation and did not put EU partners up against the wall as they are now putting Poland? These questions about the past lead to questions about the future. What exactly does the idea of ​​getting out of the current loop in relations with the EU look like? Are we really doomed to summons, appeals, expressions of indignation, and evaluations – usually in the form of press interviews with Kaczyński?

Perhaps the first positive sign of a change in this passivity is the proposal of the Ministry of Justice, which demands that the agenda of the next European Council should include a discussion on the brutality of law enforcement in the Netherlands. Rightly so. It cannot be denied that the photos of the Dutch policemen brutally beating demonstrators, kicking them, attacking them with dogs, injuring them – all in the name of their own good and health – should be of natural interest to EU officials. “We will also be expecting a report on this matter from the European Commission, which readily comments on current events in Poland, and remains passive in the face of police brutality that seen a significant increase in the last years in many EU countries”, wrote Sebastian Kaleta, Deputy Minister of Justice.

I would like to say: finally. This is finally the right direction. Poland cannot passively observe insolence all the time. After all, it was the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte, who was wise and threatened three months ago that, “EU leaders will have to be tough against Poland”. It was he who was one of the main supporters of not making funds available to Poland until the “issue of the independence of the Polish judiciary was resolved”. I would like the Polish Prime Minister to make Mr. Rutte tell us about how using attack dogs and beating citizens with the clubs relates to the rule of law, which he greatly cares for in the European Union. I would like the Polish Prime Minister to be able to be as tough and firm with Mr. Rutte as Mr. Rutte was with him.

It is not just about the Netherlands. For some time, Marek Jurek, a former Polish MEP, has been calling, also in the weekly “Do Rzeczy”, for the establishment of a special parliamentary committee that would prepare an annual report on the observance of human rights in EU countries. Such a report would show the scale of left-liberal despotism, violations of the right to life, freedom of speech, and finally, open violation of the principles of natural law. This is the only correct path: Poland must use all the resources at its disposal to defend itself. There is no better defense than attack.

This article was published in January 2022 in “Do Rzeczy” magazine.