Sunday, May 26, 2024

Gender and the Vatican. Why is the Church so weak in responding to this threat?


“The idea of dialogue with these people and organizations sounds very good, but it is not the right path for the Church. There is a war going on! If your enemy wants to kill your civilization, then you need to start planning your defenses” – says dr. Gerard van den Aardweg, Catholic psychologist and LGBT analyst.

Why would anyone view equality marches” as a threat to society? Isn’t it good that there are thousands of people smiling and manifesting their openness in matters of sex life…?

Dr. GERARD VAN DEN AARDWEG: Its a very well thought out strategy. The forces that want to turn this world upside down focus on the theme of human sexuality. It is a powerful weapon because this sphere can greatly influence peoples behavior. And if sexual habits change, it is possible to change an entire culture, an entire society, and thereby push believers in God to the uttermost margin.

On the right, you can often hear the opinion that just as communism in the 20th century used class struggle as a battering ram, now the extreme left wants to use the emancipation of sexual minorities in the same manner.

I find this analogy to be quite accurate. If we look at the roots of the movement to revolutionize sex life in Western Europe, and also look at the very origins of the gay movement, you can clearly see Marxism. These activists were simply communists! Representatives of the so-called Frankfurt School were to help overturn the current order through science. All this movement was inspired and directly aided by the Soviets! They could already celebrate their success one generation after the 1968 revolution. The structures of the German state were taken over by people sympathizing with the agenda of the gay movement. Like communism, LGBT ideology undermines the foundations of the Western world built on Christianity. After all, there is no doubt that the rainbow flag is completely incompatible with the Christian faith.

The Church is trying to respond to the gender ideology, which is starting to take more and more root in our societies. The Congregation for Catholic Education has published a document entitled Male and female He created them. On the path of dialogue in the issue of gender in education, which is to help Catholic teachers organize their knowledge in this field. This document was criticized by the LGBT movement as medieval, so it would seem that it is very much orthodox. And yet you as well were quite critical of its contents

Yes, I also see many problems in it, but of course from a completely different perspective. At first glance, it appears to be very traditional, but in fact it is not. In fact, this document opens the way to watering down the Churchs teaching. After all, its authors directly write about discussing gender with people, organizations that are in fact anti-Catholic. These are neopagan groups around the world that promote sex education in its most liberal form, where sex is only talked about technically, and abortion is considered a fundamental human right.

The contents of this document can be summarized in the sentence: “’No’ to gender ideology, yes to dialogue with researchers from the so-called gender studies. Whats wrong with trying to convince these people to adopt the Churchs position? Because this is probably the kind of dialogue the authors intended here.

I do not agree. The effect of such a dialogue will be just opening the door to gender ideology. The Church, the Vatican, has a duty to properly teach morality. This is a big problem. All over the world, it is primarily children who are at risk. I think it will also happen to your country, as long as this process has not already started in Poland. The church must go to war with neo-pagan sex education in schools, with media coverage of this topic. This is a great challenge for the Church. The idea of dialogue with these people and organizations sounds very good, but it is not the right path for the Church. There is a war going on! If your enemy wants to kill your civilization, then you need to start planning your defenses. We must prepare a counterattack, and instead we are allowing our schools, universities, homes, and even seminaries and churches to be infiltrated by a hostile ideology.

Let there be no doubt there are real missionaries on the other side. With great zeal, they spread their bad teaching around the world and try to undermine the position of the Church. More abortions, divorce, and sexual openness” – their efforts play a major role in all of this.

How would the Church convert these people if dialogue were not an option?

If the other side is completely wrong, then there is no room for dialogue here. The Church must defend the believers against attacks on the soul and at the same time clearly teach in accordance with tradition. The breaking of sexual morality is, in the long run, an excruciatingly destructive force on Christian culture.

But it is difficult to expect a different approach to this subject from the present pontificate. Pope Francis seems to have an inherent nature of dialogue.

That sounds good, but first you must preach the truth of salvation. In such conversations, the debaters are not on the same level. This means that there are no two equal positions here. The goal is not to maintain diplomatic relations with the whole world, but to convert neo-pagans and protect Christians. Unfortunately, the present Pope only causes confusion with his statements and opens the door to erroneous ideas. Take, for example, the very dangerous practice of allowing divorced Catholics living in new relationships to receive Holy Communion in some dioceses.

On the other hand, Pope Francis seems to be fully aware of what the gender revolution is. Today, there is a world war to destroy marriage. There is a great enemy of marriage today: it is gender theory. It is destroyed not with weapons but with ideas; it is destroyed by ideological colonization, said Pope Francis in 2016. Is there a way to make opposition to these phenomena any more clear?

Words are merely words, but the actions are different. Today, the Church does not point out often enough that only one way is right here and others lead astray. Instead, every now and then we hear strong words from the Pope, and they are immediately multiplied by the media. This should be the norm for Francis! The Church must intervene at all times wherever the faithful deviate from the path outlined by Jesus Christ. Meanwhile, the current strategy of the Church is not even defensive but downright passive. We want to be friends with everyone. That is not possible. You need clarity, otherwise what happened in the West will happen to churches all over the world. Tepidity makes people go astray en masse.