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Alarm call from the USA: Protect the children from the trans lobby!

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Chloe Cole’s story is a stark and tragic warning not only for teenagers struggling with their sexual identity, but also for their parents. A victim of activists from the American trans movement who was permanently mutilated as a child, she is sounding the alarm today, three years after her “detransition,” warning adults not to let other children go through the same hell.


Piotr Włoczyk


Chloe Cole, now 19, recalls that she first heard the word that derailed her life when she was nine years old. When the girl started using social media two years later, “transgenderism” was almost everywhere, and 11-year-old Chloe began to increasingly associate the word with herself.

I was already kind of vulnerable. Growing up, it actually turned out that I’m on the spectrum [of autism – P.W.] but I didn’t get a proper diagnosis until I basically wasn’t a kid anymore… At school I was getting bullied a lot from a young age and I struggeld in classes and with socialization. I was pretty lonely and I turned to the internet and I got my first phone when I was 11. It was quite difficult for me to make friends.

Growing up in California, the girl became increasingly uncomfortable with her changing body. Her parents saw some signs of autism in their child, but the doctor said the problem was actually attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

When I started using social media at 11 I had some body-image issues. I was kind of tomboy from a young age. I did have slightly larger shoulders, I did have a bit more muscle and my body was a bit more athletic, and I liked having my hair short.” – opowiada Chloe Cole. „I often felt like I couldn’t match up to other girls in terms of appearence and I had difficulty socializing with them and maintaining friendships with them. And so I started to wonder if something was wrong with me. I often felt like I would be better of as a boy. Social media introduced this idea that I could be a boy. A lot of the feminist content I was seeing alongside the LGBT content that I was exposed to painted a very negative picture of being a woman, being feminine.

Chloe Cole had a hard time going through puberty, and the things she saw on the Internet led her to believe that menstruation and having children were something horrible. She rejected all the facts or opinions she encountered that emphasized the positive aspects of womanhood.

The LGBT and especially trans and queer content that I was seeing taught me that I didn’t have to be a girl, that I didn’t have to deal with any of this. Learning about this kind of things gave me like a sense of relief” – tłumaczy 19-latka.

At the age of 12, Chloe began to suspect that she was a “bigender” or “agender” person. In the end, however, she came to believe that she was a boy. She wanted to undergo a medical “transition” right away, so she informed her parents about how she felt, as she could not start the procedure without their consent.

When I told my parents that I felt like a boy, in retrospect, all I meant was that I hated puberty. That I looked up to my brothers a little bit more than to my sisters. My parents were immediately concerned. They felt like they needed to get outside help from medical professionals but this proved to be a mistake. It immediately set our entire family down a path of ideologically motivated deceit and coersion” – opowiadała w lipcu tego roku Chloe Cole w trakcie wysłuchania w amerykańskiej Izbie Reprezentantów.


Double mastectomy

The “expert” in transgenderism who made the girl’s diagnosis had no doubts: Chloe was suffering from what we now call “gender dysphoria,” i.e. sexual identity disorder, and the only option for her parents was to agree to put their child through “transition therapy.” As the 19-year-old now emphasizes, the doctor was quite ruthless in that situation, asking the family a simple question: “Would you rather have a dead daughter or a living transgender son?” With the matter being put this way, her parents agreed to the proposed “therapy.” Chloe Cole does not hold it against them today, as she understands that they were manipulated and relied in good faith on the doctor’s professionalism.

The girl began taking puberty blockers to stop her maturation into a woman, as well as testosterone to develop male characteristics, such as facial hair, a lowered voice, and a stronger jaw. The teenager also began using breast binders, i.e. special corsets that flatten the breasts. Finally, at the age of 15 she underwent a double mastectomy, meaning doctors cut out her healthy breasts.

Initially, as in other such stories, Chloe was euphoric. After a year or so, however, the first disturbing thoughts emerged that maybe “transitioning” had been a mistake.

I started to miss being feminine, being able to look pretty, wear make-up… In secret I would actually buy women’s cloaths and wear some of my old girl’s cloaths. I was pretty ashamed about this because by this point in time I was already medically transitioning for so long and I didn’t have brests any more, I didn’t really look like a woman.” – tłumaczyła Chloe Cole.

One of the breakthroughs on her road to detransitioning was an article in which she read that breastfeeding is very important for building a mother-child bond and has a huge impact on the development of the child itself. Then it struck her that the doctors had mutilated her body and deprived her of such an opportunity forever. Chloe, then 16, decided to stop her transition and go off testosterone.

On the road back, however, the girl could no longer count on the support of the trans community. On the contrary, she was attacked for publicly sharing her bad transitioning experiences. Trans movement activists used emotional blackmail against her, arguing that her negative comments were scaring away people for whom “gender correction” might be the only salvation from suicide.

Soon, Chloe Cole discovered that there were thousands of teenagers who had chosen to detransition. Today, she is fully reconciled with her true sexual identity and publicly calls on politicians to understand at last that children should not be allowed to perform so-called “gender correction.”

Republican politicians often invite her to Congress and state legislatures to share her experience. Today, nearly half of US states already prohibit minors from “transitioning.”

I used to believe that I was born in the wrong body and the adults in my life whom I trusted, affirmed my belief. An this caused me a lifelong, irreversible harm. I speak to you as a victim of one of the biggest medical scandals in the history of the US.” – podkreślała Chloe Cole podczas swojego przemówienia w Kongresie USA.

The 19-year-old argues that other teenagers undergoing a “gender transitioning” process are often past victims of sexual assaults or traumatic family experiences, and in many cases they are people suffering from autism, depression, or other diseases. That is, those children’s desire to change their “gender” is usually a visible sign of other serious problems.

The transgender revolution and its victims


The biggest threat is to teenage girls

Some time ago Abigail Shrier, a Wall Street Journal columnist and the author of the acclaimed book Irreversible Damage, which is about the exponential growth of transgender cases among children, especially young girls, explained in an interview with me for the Polish weekly Do Rzeczy, that two categories of people should be clearly distinguished:

There are people who have already begun to show symptoms of gender dysphoria as young children and teenagers who suddenly announce that they are transgender, which comes as a shock to their families. As for childhood gender dysphoria, in the vast majority of cases, i.e. more than 70 percent, this disorder will disappear by itself before the child enters adulthood. My book is not about the small group of adults who have suffered from gender dysphoria since childhood,” Abigail Shrier explained. “It is about a huge social problem among teenage girls that is becoming increasingly pressing. It is about young people who are lost, who had never before shown symptoms of classic gender dysphoria, and who, as a result of the actions of transgender activists, suddenly begin to identify themselves in this way. Here we can see a correlation with the development of social media. Over the past decade, platforms have emerged that have caused mental health problems to start spreading like a plague.

But why are adolescent girls the main victims of this “transgender pandemic”?

We ought to clarify here that even without social media, girls go through difficult times during puberty. Their bodies are changing, causing self-esteem issues. In short, the average teenage girl feels terrible about her changing body, especially when menstruation begins. This of course vanishes with time, but for several years a girl can be very sensitive about it. Previously, groups of female friends would lock themselves in rooms and lament their fate together. But now, in the age of social media, when we have a whole host of “experts” on transitioning describing what a wonderful experience it is to take that first dose of testosterone, we have a ready recipe for tragedy for the most vulnerable part of this group. Testosterone is actually one of the worst possible choices when it comes to what can help an adolescent girl to overcome her problems,” Abigail Shrier stressed.

Also trying to combat the scourge of “gender corrections” among teenagers is Walt Heyer, a man who lived for years in a female role himself, and only after dealing with his mental problems did he accept his male sexual identity and return to his natural form, albeit only to the extent possible after having had mutilating surgeries. Today Walt Heyer writes books on the subject and alerts the public through the media not to allow the trans movement’s ideologues to mutilate children. In another interview with the Polish weekly Do Rzeczy, he said:

I also have very young people writing to me, because the last few years have seen a real scourge of transitions among young people. One boy was given puberty blockers at the age of 15. He underwent surgery three years later, and unfortunately, he was ‘helped’ by his parents. He contacted me at the age of 19. He told me he felt like Frankenstein’s monster. These are his words! He admitted that he had been addicted to pornography in an extreme way since he was 13, and that it derailed his psyche. Parents must remember that the Internet is a place full of huge threats. More than half of the people I work with – a group that already numbers in the hundreds – have been sexually abused. It is such harm in childhood that very often makes people start to hate their bodies. In my opinion, in 10–15 years there will be an avalanche of cases of young, damaged people having fallen victim to the trans lobby. Soon it will be impossible to hide the extent of this crime. Looking at the wave of children and adolescents who are undergoing hormone ‘therapies’ and surgeries in these clinics, we can expect a real tragedy on an unimaginable scale.