Sometimes red, always imperial. What kind of country do the Russians expect? (Part 2)

Three decades after the collapse of the USSR, the Russians still miss the Soviet past, although they would not necessarily want it back. The red empire continues to be a great role model for Putin. Maciej Pieczyński (…) IMPERIAL FOUNDATIONS On December 12th, the state television Rossija 1 broadcasted a documentary about the collapse of […]

Saving freedom in an era of new totalitarianisms

Today’s world provokes many unhappy reflections. We observe the machine of Chinese totalitarianism growing in strength, the growing aggression of Russian imperialism, as well as the vigor and massiveness of Islamists. Wojciech Roszkowski The question of the cleaning lady in front of the PiS headquarters on Nowogrodzka Street in response to the feat of Ms. […]