Berlin’s War: Extinguishing Poland’s resistance became an obsession for the Eurocrats

“Whoever destabilizes the unity of the European Union in the face of Putin’s aggression against Ukraine, acts on behalf of the aggressor” – this is probably the biggest and simultaneously most frequently repeated propaganda nonsense in the discourse of the “pro-European” liberal left Rafał A. Ziemkiewicz Let us imagine that already prior to the commencement […]

Sovereignty or money: Poland is being targeted by “federals”

The alleged defenders of the “rule of law” are in fact very flexible in their approach to this term and in a completely embarrassing way. The EU elite, however, seemed to put faith in them, succumbing to disinformation from the Polish opposition Rafał A. Ziemkiewicz The dispute over the Disciplinary Chamber of the Supreme Court […]

How to end EU impunity

A loophole in the provisions of law needs to be shut and the criminal liability of EU officials introduced Paweł Szałamacha In most countries, politicians or officials may be held criminally liable for their crimes. In Poland, such crimes are bribery, peddling influence, and abuse of rights. Prosecution of such crimes is not easy, and […]

German hypocrisy

Stephan Harbarth, head of the Federal Constitutional Court in Germany, was himself elected by politicians and is still carrying his party card. Meanwhile, he is complaining about… the politicization of courts in Poland Cezary Gmyz from Berlin Nein – snarled the president of the Federal Constitutional Court in Germany, Stephan Harbarth, at Die Welt journalist […]

Between spam and hope. Revolutionaries vs Christianity

At the same time as Christians are faced with blasphemy again and again, a now famous EU draft regulation was released, demanding that the term “Christmas” be removed from language as part of the fight against discrimination. Paweł Lisicki Revolutionists were always irritated by Christmas. They rejected the belief that God descended into the world, […]

The offensive of Polish diplomacy. Will the new political situation play out well?

It has been a while since the Prime Minister and President spent this much time traveling abroad. Is there a plan behind the increased diplomatic activity? Is it just an inadvertent accumulation of long-planned meetings and an ad hoc search for allies in the face of the conflict with Belarus and Russia? Rafał A. Ziemkiewicz […]

Czech grenade: Behind the scenes of EU politics

The deputy head of the European Commission, Věra Jourová, believes that the CJEU (Court of Justice of the European Union) does not go beyond the limits of its powers, because… it sets them itself. The Czech politician will soon start another political row – this time not over the courts, but the media. Łukasz Warzecha […]

Hungarian proving ground. The historic importance of the elections in Budapest

Although the parliamentary elections in Hungary will not be held until next spring, the accompanying double campaign is worth following now. Maciej Szymanowski Double, because decisions and events are taking place not only on the Danube, but also in Brussels, where the aim is to remove the current ruling camp from power, and perhaps even […]

“This is war. Western leaders are disappointing on all fronts yet again”

Jacek Przybylski is speaking with Ákos Engelmayer, the laureate of the Guardian of Values award, a Hungarian journalist, historian, lecturer, and diplomat living in Poland As a veteran of the Hungarian uprising and the Solidarity uprising in the 1980s, you have already received many decorations and orders, including the Order of Polonia Restituta and the […]