Genocide Prevention by One Polish Condottiere

Gan Ganowicz’s dream of falling in battle against the Communists was never fulfilled. But he did prevent genocide in at least two places. Marek Jan Chodakiewicz Genocide prevention is about neutralizing regimes and groups fostering mass murder through their ideologies and actions. In the West, most conceptualize genocide prevention in terms of education, lobbying, and […]

From Relativism to Absolutism. How the Left has Wholeheartedly Embraced an Absolutist Rhetoric

In recent years the American Left has abandoned its trademark relativism and re-embraced absolutism. It is a poisonous, if unconscious, fusion between the historical Puritanism of the Pilgrims and the nihilism of Friedrich Nietzsche. Marek Jan Chodakiewicz According to my former colleague at Patrick Henry College, political scientist Mark T. Mitchell, Power and Purity: The […]

2022: Will Russia Attack Ukraine?

It is unlikely that there will be a full-blown Russian attack against Ukraine in the coming year. This does not mean, however, that the tensions will not escalate on a smaller scale. Belarus included. Maciej Pieczyński For many months now, the eyes of the world – or at least European and American – public opinion […]

Hungarian proving ground. The historic importance of the elections in Budapest

Although the parliamentary elections in Hungary will not be held until next spring, the accompanying double campaign is worth following now. Maciej Szymanowski Double, because decisions and events are taking place not only on the Danube, but also in Brussels, where the aim is to remove the current ruling camp from power, and perhaps even […]

Things are still to become interesting: the most recent book of Rafał Ziemkiewicz

The theme of the book “Trolled revolution” concerns experiencing Polishness in modern times and subsequent civilizational transformations. Jacek Bartosiak For many years I have been trying – to be quite honest, I am still trying, but it will probably never get there – to describe the history of the partition generation1. In the form of […]

Kremlin’s Holy War – Decalogue of Russian Political History (Part 1)

A besieged fortress that has been defending itself against Western aggression for centuries. At the same time, conquerors of Hitler, which in itself deserves a halo of sanctity. This is what Russia’s past looks like from the perspective of Kremlin’s historical policy. Maciej Pieczyński Sacral imagery is fully justified here. Russia, isolated from the Western […]

The actors of Lukashenko. Who in Poland is playing in the Belarusian theater?

The fact that the epicenter of Lukashenko’s attack shifted from the Baltic countries to Poland is without a doubt the effect of Lukashenko’s propaganda, eagerly picked up by the Polish opposition and its media. Rafał A. Ziemkiewicz Once again, when the support for the Law and Justice party suddenly falls, Lukashenko’s secret service is organizing […]

Borderlands on fire. How Poland is defending the EU

There is no doubt that Belarus is conducting a hybrid war against Poland. The border is being protected not only by border guards, but also the army and Territorial Defense Forces1. What are they doing there and are we in danger of a “hot” military conflict? Maciej Pieczyński If there are instances of weapons being […]

A hybrid attack on Poland. How Putin is rebuilding the Soviet empire

An interview by Karol Glac with general of the Polish Army Roman Polko, commander and former general of the elite GROM unit KAROL GAC: Mr. General, what is your assessment of the situation on the Polish-Belarussian border? GEN. ROMAN POLKO: A war is what’s really going on. One can call it a hybrid one, using […]

The transgender revolution and its victims

An interview with Ryan T. Anderson, the author of “When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment”.   PIOTR WŁOCZYK: It seems from your book that the transgender movement has „kidnapped” a large portion of medical professionals in the US. How did it happen that so many doctors agree to irrevocably alter/mutilate bodies of […]