Polish Self-defence in Volhynia. They managed to save thousands of civilians

Some Poles living in Volhynia decided to resist the attacks, with guns, knives, scythes, axes, and what else they could grab. They managed to save thousands of their compatriots. Poles, who made up a dozen or so percent of the population of Volhynia, being threatened by the massacres committed by the Ukrainian nationalists from UPA […]

The nightmare of survivors of Volhynia massacre


Stories told by the Poles who survived the genocide in Volhynia, belong to the most shocking accounts of that period   In the first farmstead we made a shocking discovery. A several years old boy was impaled on a sharp pole at the gate. An inscription made on the fence read: „Litak Sikorskoho” [Sikorski’s airplane]. […]

Volhynian horror – a beastly genocide of Poles

Nationalists from the Ukrainian Insurgent Party (UPA) committed a beastly genocide of Poles. They wanted to create an ethnically clean Ukraine Maciej Rosalak Already in 1942 Poles were murdered but such ethnic cleansing – such “hygienic” term is used to describe real genocide committed (as in this case) because of victims ethnic origin – started in […]