Kremlin’s Holy War – Decalogue of Russian Historical Policy (Part 2)

The heritage of Kievan Rus is common to all three East Slavic nations. Kiev is “the mother of Ruthenian settlements”. Ever since it was replaced as the symbolic capital of the Eastern Slavs by Moscow, its leaders have been trying to get it back. Maciej Pieczyński The entire history of Russia, from the beginning of […]

Kremlin’s Holy War – Decalogue of Russian Political History (Part 1)

A besieged fortress that has been defending itself against Western aggression for centuries. At the same time, conquerors of Hitler, which in itself deserves a halo of sanctity. This is what Russia’s past looks like from the perspective of Kremlin’s historical policy. Maciej Pieczyński Sacral imagery is fully justified here. Russia, isolated from the Western […]