This is our war, whether we want it or not

The Kremlin’s madness, for which Ukrainians are paying a bloody price today, is a historic win for us in the sweepstakes of world politics. And fortunately, the collective morality in Poland is pushing us more or less in the direction indicated by political realism Rafał A. Ziemkiewicz A lot of aggravation, very little thinking – […]

Halting the Green Transformation: A Step Backward in Carbon (Part 2)

The outbreak of the war in Ukraine allowed many countries to find a convenient justification for the long-term increasing use of fossil fuels Jakub Wozinski (…) Where is the decarbonization? The energy crisis related to an irresponsible implementation of green transformation is a really big threat. It is estimated that in the case of small […]

From love to hate: the turbulent relationship between the US and Russia

Relations between Washington and Moscow are dynamic: sometimes they are allied, other times they are in conflict Piotr Zychowicz Between 2009–2013, the United States pursued a policy of reset with Russia. Currently, it is pursuing a policy of confrontation with Russia. They are supplying Ukraine with weapons, impose economic sanctions on Moscow and isolate Putin […]

How Russia tried to uproot the Polish elites

Between 1861 and 1881 the largest single category of political prisoners in Siberia were the Poles. Most of the exiles tended to be insurgents or suspected insurgents, as well as persons accused of aiding and harboring the buntovschiki. Marek Jan Chodakiewicz A leading expert on imperial Russia’s penal issues, including St. Petersburg’s use and abuse […]

Ukraine: Moscow’s second Afghanistan?

In this conflict, Poland sided with Ukraine – an obvious decision. Any undermining of the principle of sovereignty and violation of international rules must be unilaterally condemned. Paweł Lisicki Why did Russia attack Ukraine? It is not an easy question to answer at all. A simple profit and loss account shows that this is an […]

US Ambassador to NATO: Poland can feel safe, America is ready 

Jacek Przybylski is talking to Julianne Smith, the US ambassador to NATO JACEK PRZYBYLSKI: Vladimir Putin is showing that he is determined to rebuild the Russian empire. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Soviet Union. Following the attack on Georgia and Ukraine, citizens of Poland and the Baltic states fear […]