The return of the Katyn lie. How Russia is lying about the monstrous crime (Part 2)

Stalin’s liability for the murder of Polish officers in Russia today is either distorted or denied. And yet the Katyn lie is no less dangerous to the truth about World War II than the Auschwitz lie. Maciej Pieczyński (…) “Katyn. Speculations on tragedy”, is the title of a non-fiction story by Grigory Goriacheenkov, published in […]

Jewish victims of Katyń Massacre. The Soviets killed everybody in a Polish uniform

There were many Jews among those murdered in Katyń. One of them was the Chief Rabbi of the Polish Army. Marek Gałęzowski During the battle of Wołomin, which was one of many as part of the well-known Battle of Warsaw, when the armoured train „Paderewski” „started to move backwards toward Wołomin railway station and would […]

Murderers’ lie. How the Soviets tried to cover up the Katyn Massacre

The Soviets tried to pin the blame for their crime on the Germans. Witnesses were tracked and killed – interview with Professor Nikolay Ivanov, researcher of Soviet crimes. PIOTR WŁOCZYK: Who can be named the main architect of “the Katyń Lie”? PROFESSOR NIKOLAY IVANOV: The same man who was responsible for carrying out that crime, […]

Murderers from Katyń speak. “Even the dogs fled at the sight of us”

We know almost everything about the victims of the Katyń crime. The killers still hide in the shadow. Piotr Zychowicz The killers came from Moscow to Kalinin – bearing the name of Twer before the revolution – in a special parlour car. The group was led by Vasili Blokhin, Czekist [a member of Cheka, the […]