From love to hate: the turbulent relationship between the US and Russia

Relations between Washington and Moscow are dynamic: sometimes they are allied, other times they are in conflict Piotr Zychowicz Between 2009–2013, the United States pursued a policy of reset with Russia. Currently, it is pursuing a policy of confrontation with Russia. They are supplying Ukraine with weapons, impose economic sanctions on Moscow and isolate Putin […]

The nightmare of survivors of Volhynia massacre


Stories told by the Poles who survived the genocide in Volhynia, belong to the most shocking accounts of that period   In the first farmstead we made a shocking discovery. A several years old boy was impaled on a sharp pole at the gate. An inscription made on the fence read: „Litak Sikorskoho” [Sikorski’s airplane]. […]

Murderers from Katyń speak. “Even the dogs fled at the sight of us”

We know almost everything about the victims of the Katyń crime. The killers still hide in the shadow. Piotr Zychowicz The killers came from Moscow to Kalinin – bearing the name of Twer before the revolution – in a special parlour car. The group was led by Vasili Blokhin, Czekist [a member of Cheka, the […]