Synod on Synodality: Can the Church in Poland be ridiculed?

The first phase of the Synod on Synodality is coming to an end. In dioceses around the world, syntheses from conversations with the faithful are published. When Francis announced the start of this whole process last year, I warned that it could turn into a listeners’ choice show in which whole nations would demand a […]

How Catholics Can Win Against Heresy in Germany

In less than a month, hierarchs from several countries publicly reprimanded the German Bishops’ Conference for the heresy of the Synodal Way. A peculiar offensive of orthodoxy was initiated by Archbishop Stanisław Gądecki. Such actions need better preparations. Paweł Chmielewski For those who are not familiar, the Synodal Way of the Church in Germany can […]

A godliness frowned upon. Exacerbation of the course on the pre-conciliar liturgy (Part 1)

Rome waged war on traditional liturgy. Will bishops in Poland follow? Paweł Chmielewski The Vatican is waging an increasingly fierce fight against the pre-conciliar liturgy. The motu proprio “Traditionis custodes” was only the Holy See’s first blow against traditional piety. Just before Christmas, Rome struck another blow. There is no doubt that the Pope, together […]

Catholicism of the future

Our faith is hanging by a thread, in Poland as well. That is why we need immediate action to revitalize our piety and faith based on the Church’s Tradition. Paweł Chmielewski The global synod on synodality is in full swing – also in Poland. Based on expectations of the Holy See, an important element of […]