Bucha 2022 like Katyń 1940. This is how Moscow lies about its crimes

Approximately 22,000 Poles were murdered by the Soviets in 1940 during the Katyn massacre. Prof. Nikolai Ivanov, researcher of the history of the Soviet Union, is talking about the process of obliterating the traces of the massacre by Soviet criminals. Piotr Włoczyk: Can we identify the main architect of the lie around Katyn? Prof. Nikolai […]

Jewish victims of Katyń Massacre. The Soviets killed everybody in a Polish uniform

There were many Jews among those murdered in Katyń. One of them was the Chief Rabbi of the Polish Army. Marek Gałęzowski During the battle of Wołomin, which was one of many as part of the well-known Battle of Warsaw, when the armoured train „Paderewski” „started to move backwards toward Wołomin railway station and would […]

Only few survived the Katyn Massacre

  Only three percent of prisoners from Kozielsk, Starobielsk and Ostaszków avoided execution. Tomasz Stańczyk On 30 April 1940, a transport of officers from Kozielsk camp reached a railway station in Gniezdowo. A NKVD colonel called Stanisław Swianiewicz away and separated him from the rest. Swianiewicz was the only survivor among those transported on that […]

Murderers’ lie. How the Soviets tried to cover up the Katyn Massacre

The Soviets tried to pin the blame for their crime on the Germans. Witnesses were tracked and killed – interview with Professor Nikolay Ivanov, researcher of Soviet crimes. PIOTR WŁOCZYK: Who can be named the main architect of “the Katyń Lie”? PROFESSOR NIKOLAY IVANOV: The same man who was responsible for carrying out that crime, […]