Polish Minister of Justice: It was the EU that built Putin’s power (Part 2)

Karol Gac is speaking with Zbigniew Ziobro, Polish Minister of Justice (…) As you mentioned, the CJEU dismissed the complaint of Poland and Hungary regarding the “money for the rule of law” mechanism, which makes the payment of EU money conditional on the rule of law. At that time, you accused the prime minister of […]

A hybrid attack on Poland. How Putin is rebuilding the Soviet empire

An interview by Karol Glac with general of the Polish Army Roman Polko, commander and former general of the elite GROM unit KAROL GAC: Mr. General, what is your assessment of the situation on the Polish-Belarussian border? GEN. ROMAN POLKO: A war is what’s really going on. One can call it a hybrid one, using […]