Waiting for a reflection. Manipulations and false accusations against Poland (Part 2)

It is probably a sort of naivety, but I am constantly amazed at the level of aggression directed against the Polish state in matters relating to the commemoration of Nazi victims. This aggression manifests itself primarily in the excessively frequent repetition of false information, which becomes the basis for critical actions, often later subjected to […]

Himmler’s willing executioners. This was the beginning of nightmare in occupied Poland

Poles were murdered by Selbstschutz members, German citizens of pre-war Poland   PIOTR WŁOCZYK: The reason given for creation of Selbstschutz, a vicious paramilitary organization of Polish citizens of German origin, was self-defence against the Poles. How much of self-defence was there in its operations? JOCHEN BÖHLER: In the first days of German attachment of […]

Extermination of Polish Elites. These were the first mass murders of WW2 in Europe

  The Poles from areas annexed to the Reich fell victim to a barbaric extermination operation Intelligenzaktio Maciej Rosalak Especially vicious Gauleiter in Gdansk, Albert Forster, bellowed in September 1939: “We must eradicate those rotten Poles, starting from the cradle. I put their fate in your hands, you can do whatever you want with them!”. […]