Polish Minister of Justice: It was the EU that built Putin’s power (Part 1)

Karol Gac is speaking with Zbigniew Ziobro, Polish Minister of Justice KAROL GAC: The Polish prosecutor’s office initiated an investigation into the war crime against Ukraine. You also announced that a pleading would be sent to the International Criminal Court. Do you think that Vladimir Putin will ever stand trial before the Hague Tribunal? ZBIGNIEW […]

Murderers from Katyń speak. “Even the dogs fled at the sight of us”

We know almost everything about the victims of the Katyń crime. The killers still hide in the shadow. Piotr Zychowicz The killers came from Moscow to Kalinin – bearing the name of Twer before the revolution – in a special parlour car. The group was led by Vasili Blokhin, Czekist [a member of Cheka, the […]

Volhynian horror – a beastly genocide of Poles

Nationalists from the Ukrainian Insurgent Party (UPA) committed a beastly genocide of Poles. They wanted to create an ethnically clean Ukraine Maciej Rosalak Already in 1942 Poles were murdered but such ethnic cleansing – such “hygienic” term is used to describe real genocide committed (as in this case) because of victims ethnic origin – started in […]