Who will succeed Francis: A Hungarian pope?

After the pontificate of Francis, is the Church doomed to have the kind of pope, who today we could hypothetically call Francis II? Could Cardinal Péter Erdő, who is careful not to fall into ideological potholes, gather support not only from opponents of the revolution in the Church, but also from those who believe that […]

Synod on Synodality: Can the Church in Poland be ridiculed?

The first phase of the Synod on Synodality is coming to an end. In dioceses around the world, syntheses from conversations with the faithful are published. When Francis announced the start of this whole process last year, I warned that it could turn into a listeners’ choice show in which whole nations would demand a […]

Catholicism of the future

Our faith is hanging by a thread, in Poland as well. That is why we need immediate action to revitalize our piety and faith based on the Church’s Tradition. Paweł Chmielewski The global synod on synodality is in full swing – also in Poland. Based on expectations of the Holy See, an important element of […]