National Recovery Plan: A never ending story of EU requirements

We will be able to receive funds from the National Recovery Plan (NPR) after fulfilling several dozen conditions. Their analysis leads to startling conclusions Łukasz Warzecha In the program “News Guest” a little over a week ago, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki spoke disparagingly about the National Recovery Plan that it is already a topic from […]

Sovereignty or money: Poland is being targeted by “federals”

The alleged defenders of the “rule of law” are in fact very flexible in their approach to this term and in a completely embarrassing way. The EU elite, however, seemed to put faith in them, succumbing to disinformation from the Polish opposition Rafał A. Ziemkiewicz The dispute over the Disciplinary Chamber of the Supreme Court […]

Polish Minister of Justice: It was the EU that built Putin’s power (Part 2)

Karol Gac is speaking with Zbigniew Ziobro, Polish Minister of Justice (…) As you mentioned, the CJEU dismissed the complaint of Poland and Hungary regarding the “money for the rule of law” mechanism, which makes the payment of EU money conditional on the rule of law. At that time, you accused the prime minister of […]

The EU’s money in exchange for sovereignty?

What exactly are the European policymakers counting on? That Poles will choose money and force the government to change the law or change the government to one that will accept everything. Tomasz Rowiński When reading the comments and interpretations that were written immediately after the EU summit in December 2020, today it is hard to […]