2022: Will Russia Attack Ukraine?

It is unlikely that there will be a full-blown Russian attack against Ukraine in the coming year. This does not mean, however, that the tensions will not escalate on a smaller scale. Belarus included. Maciej Pieczyński For many months now, the eyes of the world – or at least European and American – public opinion […]

The offensive of Polish diplomacy. Will the new political situation play out well?

It has been a while since the Prime Minister and President spent this much time traveling abroad. Is there a plan behind the increased diplomatic activity? Is it just an inadvertent accumulation of long-planned meetings and an ad hoc search for allies in the face of the conflict with Belarus and Russia? Rafał A. Ziemkiewicz […]

Anti-national resentment

The hatred for the motherland is shown most fully in sentiment towards those who are most culturally alien to it. Paweł Lisicki From a certain point of view, let’s say sociological, the reaction of Polish celebrities and, more broadly, a large part of the elite to the invasion of migrants sent by the thousands through […]

Hungarian proving ground. The historic importance of the elections in Budapest

Although the parliamentary elections in Hungary will not be held until next spring, the accompanying double campaign is worth following now. Maciej Szymanowski Double, because decisions and events are taking place not only on the Danube, but also in Brussels, where the aim is to remove the current ruling camp from power, and perhaps even […]

Things are still to become interesting: the most recent book of Rafał Ziemkiewicz

The theme of the book “Trolled revolution” concerns experiencing Polishness in modern times and subsequent civilizational transformations. Jacek Bartosiak For many years I have been trying – to be quite honest, I am still trying, but it will probably never get there – to describe the history of the partition generation1. In the form of […]

How Putin and Lukashenko are playing the EU

Russia is once again profiting from its own game. It created an aggressive conflict, and then managed to play the role of a partner of the West concerned about the stability of the continent. Piotr Semka A day before this year’s anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Angela Merkel gave an interview to […]

Crisis at the Polish border. We must recall our lessons of history

All of the warning signs that the initial individual border crossing attempts will in time transform into a massive wave were discarded. Now that that is already the case, it is important to define what historical lessons have completely been worn out in the joint memories of a large portion of Poles. Piotr Semka Recently, […]

Borderlands on fire. How Poland is defending the EU

There is no doubt that Belarus is conducting a hybrid war against Poland. The border is being protected not only by border guards, but also the army and Territorial Defense Forces1. What are they doing there and are we in danger of a “hot” military conflict? Maciej Pieczyński If there are instances of weapons being […]

A hybrid attack on Poland. How Putin is rebuilding the Soviet empire

An interview by Karol Glac with general of the Polish Army Roman Polko, commander and former general of the elite GROM unit KAROL GAC: Mr. General, what is your assessment of the situation on the Polish-Belarussian border? GEN. ROMAN POLKO: A war is what’s really going on. One can call it a hybrid one, using […]

Deluded States of Europe

European bureaucrats believe that the coronavirus crisis is a perfect opportunity to change the EU into a superstate. Poland is being executed, so that the remaining countries can witness that there is no alternative. Rafał A. Ziemkiewicz By 2025 the United States of Europe will be formed – proclaimed Martin Schulz towards the end of […]