Poland should support Ukraine, but not for free

Kiev needs Warsaw more than Warsaw needs Kiev. And yet it is Ukraine that is dealing the cards in this alliance, making demands, and defending its own interests. This needs to change. Maciej Pieczyński For several months now, the threat of Russian aggression has been hanging over Ukraine. It would seem that in the situation […]

Before the clash in Ukraine: winter war or a cold shower? (Part 1)

I believe that the experts are generally exaggerating in their assessment of Russian military capabilities and underestimating the defensive capabilities of the Ukrainian troops. Romuald Szeremietiew Tensions between Russia and Ukraine are not diminishing. Politicians, the military, experts, and analysts of military affairs from the West believe that a Russian attack on Ukraine can occur […]

2022: Will Russia Attack Ukraine?

It is unlikely that there will be a full-blown Russian attack against Ukraine in the coming year. This does not mean, however, that the tensions will not escalate on a smaller scale. Belarus included. Maciej Pieczyński For many months now, the eyes of the world – or at least European and American – public opinion […]