Heading towards global tyranny: censorship is always the starting point (Part 1)

Ryszard Gromadzki is speaking with advocate Jerzy Kwaśniewski, President of the Ordo Iuris Institute for Legal Culture. RYSZARD GROMADZKI: In the midst of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, work is underway in the United Nations and other global bodies to adopt the so-called pandemic treaty. This legal act is to delegate the management of the […]

From Relativism to Absolutism. How the Left has Wholeheartedly Embraced an Absolutist Rhetoric

In recent years the American Left has abandoned its trademark relativism and re-embraced absolutism. It is a poisonous, if unconscious, fusion between the historical Puritanism of the Pilgrims and the nihilism of Friedrich Nietzsche. Marek Jan Chodakiewicz According to my former colleague at Patrick Henry College, political scientist Mark T. Mitchell, Power and Purity: The […]