A Democratic Nationalism (Part 1)

It does not matter that the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth achieved a level of freedom unparalleled in the world until the rise of the United States. It is a matter of indifference that the Danes are perhaps even more devoted to their flag than we are. What matters is our perception of ourselves as exceptional which allows […]

Withering of the Church in Poland

Following the very poor data on the effects of recruitment to seminaries, which was published in autumn, we received a report on the personal status in the consecrated life. Can we say that the years 2021 and 2022 will be a thump inside Polish Catholicism in the same manner that the year 1965 was in […]

Catholicism of the future

Our faith is hanging by a thread, in Poland as well. That is why we need immediate action to revitalize our piety and faith based on the Church’s Tradition. Paweł Chmielewski The global synod on synodality is in full swing – also in Poland. Based on expectations of the Holy See, an important element of […]