I saw hell at the abortion clinic

“When the door of the clinic is closed behind a pregnant woman, the staff will do their best to make sure she doesn’t leave until her child is gone. Our job was not to show women the full range of available options, but to sell abortion. Fear is the main tool for manipulating women who […]

We are abortion survivors. Such monstrosities still happen

An interview with Melissa Ohden, founder of Abortion Survivors Network, an organization that helps those who survive abortions. PIOTR WŁOCZYK: How do people react when they hear the name of the organization you have founded? MELISSA OHDEN: They often think at first that it’s some sort of organization that helps women who have had an […]

I was born during an abortion. Feminists don’t want to hear about such children

Source: Pexels.com

– Under normal circumstances, I would have been “finished off” after being born. But fortunately, I was born before the abortionist came to work – says Gianna Jessen, an American pro-life activist who was born during an abortion procedure. PIOTR WŁOCZYK: On April 6th, 1977, you were supposed to be born dead. What saved you? […]

Paul Kengor: Biden has become a total cultural radical

SOVEREIGNTY.PL: Joe Biden was presented to the American people as a moderate candidate. What can we say about it after the first year of his presidency? Is he really a moderate Democrat? PROF. PAUL KENGOR*: Joe Biden indeed ran for president as a moderate, and in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, during his very long […]